YouTube Tips and Tricks: YouTube Marketing Mastery

Video Editor, YouTube Marketer Marc Bullard, Udemy

YouTube's interface has changed a lot. Learn how to use every feature of the new YouTube to market your business.

Video marketing has been getting more and more important for every online business. With the right combination of personal training and resources, you will be able to confidently optimize and market with your videos on YouTube. Soon, your videos with be all over the Internet.

So you’ve created your amazing video and uploaded it to YouTube. Now what? How do you get people to watch them? That’s where YouTube Marketing training comes in.

This course covers all of YouTube's (sometimes hidden) features as well focuses on how to use those features to market your business and improve search results.

YouTube has changed its interface so much, you might easily pass over hidden gems that can help you market your business. Don't let that happen. Discovery every usable tool that can give you the edge over your competition. 

  • What are the requirements?
    • You will need your own YouTube account and at least 1 video uploaded to YouTube
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 64 lectures and 6 hours of content!
    • By the end of this course you will understand how to use YouTube especially for marketing your products and business.
    • In this course you will learn about all of YouTube's features
    • In this course you will learn how to market online using YouTube
    • In this course you will discover how to increase traffic to your website using YouTube marketing techniques
  • What is the target audience?
    • Small business owners
    • Authors
    • Coaches
    • Consultants
    • Actors
    • Musicians
    • Internet Stars

SECTION 1: Introduction
  • YouTube Marketing Mastery: Introduction
  • SECTION 2: YouTube Interface
  • YouTube Home Page
  • User Features
  • YouTube Dashboard
  • Verifying Your Account for Additional Features
  • Uploading
  • Community
  • Enhancements
  • Audio
  • Video Editor
  • SECTION 3: Uploading and Optimizing Videos For Search Engines
  • Uploading and Optimization
  • Advanced Upload Settings
  • Description Box
  • Annotations
  • Transcripts and Captions
  • SECTION 4: Views
  • Using Social Sites
  • Using Blogs
  • Comments
  • SECTION 5: Channels
  • Channel Settings
  • Channel Banner
  • How to Create a Custom URL for Your Channel
  • Optimizing Your YouTube Channel
  • One Channel Banner Artwork - How to Create Your Artwork for Free
  • SECTION 6: Analysis and Research Tools
  • YouTube Trends
  • Trends Dashboard
  • Google Alerts
  • YouTube Charts
  • SECTION 7: YouTube Analytics
  • Analytics
  • Analytics Part. 2
  • SECTION 8: Bonus Sites
  • Checking Video Speed
  • YouTube Test Tube
  • Linked Tube
  • SECTION 9: URL and Embed Strategies
  • URL Techniques
  • Embed Code Customization
  • Advanced Embed Code Customization
  • SECTION 10: Marketing Strategies
  • YouTube Live Events
  • YouTube Live Encoder Settings
  • How to Optimize a YouTube Playlist
  • Optimize a Playlist Part 2
  • Playlist Marketing - Ride Views of Others' Videos
  • Customizing YouTube Playlist - Set duration of videos in playlists
  • Get Your URL in YouTube Comments
  • Banner Marketing and Branding
  • Custom YouTube Thumbnail Images
  • Build Conversations and Gain Comments With Your Content
  • Watch Time - More Important Than Views
  • YouTube Subscribe Widget for Blogs
  • Marketing With Annotations
  • Super Impose Annotations
  • Post a Message to Your Subscribers While Uploading
  • How to Find Tags (Keywords) of any YouTube Video
  • Associated Website (Clickable Link to your website)
  • SECTION 11: What NOT to Do
  • What NOT do Do
  • SECTION 12: Conclusion
  • Pruning Your Videos
  • YouTube Marketing Mastery Wrap Up
  • SECTION 13: Content Creation - THE Most Important Marketing Effort You Can Do
  • Constantly Create Content
  • Video Style 1: Educational
  • Video Style 2: News/Information
  • How to Get News/Education Video Ideas
  • Video Style 3: Entertainment
  • Video Style 4: Inspirational
  • Scheduling
  • SECTION 14: Google+ Integration
  • How to Disconnect and Connect a YouTube Channel to a Google+ Profile/Page
  • Understanding Google+ Profiles and Pages
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    Course properties:
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    • Language: English Gb


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