The Social Customer and Youth Marketing by Graham Brown

Graham Brown, Udemy

How to create a compelling Customer Experience for GenY and Millennials by better understanding their Social motivations


  • Consumer insights based on 12+ years of research on youth & technology
  • Key presentations on Social Customer, their behavior and how they communicate, both online & offline
  • Interviews with leading marketing practitioners, from Monster Energy to Threadless

Why take this course?

Marketing can be a challenge in the era of social media.

Today’s Millennial Customer is the Social Customer - motivated by social needs and equipped with the technology to fulfill these needs.

Understanding today’s young customer and growing a brand using yesterday’s mindset won’t help you answer the key issues facing marketers today:

  • How do you acquire new buyers when the Social Customer ignore 95% of all marketing?
  • How do you create loyalty and satisfaction when the alternative is just a click away?

Avoid the mistakes that could cost the company millions and cost you your reputation.

  • There’s so much data and advice out there but what should I pay attention to?
  • Which brand case studies should I learn from?
  • What skills do I need to be a successful marketer in the era of the Social Customer?

Important note:

This course is structured to follow book Youth Buyology: Secrets of the Social Generation

  • What are the requirements?
    • An open mind: almost everything they teach you in school about marketing is defunct
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Get the skills need to be a successful marketer in the era of the Social Customer
  • What is the target audience?
    • marketers
    • technologists
    • consumer researchers

SECTION 1: Meet The Social Customer
  • What is The Social Customer?
  • 10 Insights into The Social Customer
  • Understanding The Social Customer
  • Influence: Understanding the New Rules
  • Earned Media (recommendation) is governed by the Social Code
  • Paid vs Earned Media (Graham Brown explains)
  • SECTION 3: GROWING UP ANALOG: real meaning is created offline
  • All Meaning is Created Offline
  • Exercise - What Great Brands Do
  • [LIVE] How Apple uses retail as Frontline
  • Social Space Explained
  • The Food Truck Movement in LA
  • The London Riots - WTF?
  • [LIVE] Marketing lesson from Starbucks
  • [LIVE] Arnette in reaching youth influencers
  • Threadless helps connect the disconnected
  • Open to Discrete Tools: Trends in Teen Mobile Usage
  • SECTION 6: SOCIAL TOOLS: from cigarettes to mobile phones
  • Everything can be a Social Tool
  • [LIVE] Everything is a Social Tool
  • Cigarettes: a common Social Tool
  • The role of anthropology in discovering Social Tools
  • Understanding Social Tools from Content Vs Context perspective
  • Exercise - Content vs Context
  • Expert Interview - Graham Brown - Content vs Context
  • Content vs Context (2)
  • Content vs Context (from the Youth Marketing Handbook)
  • Exercise - Can you spot Social Tools?
  • Brand As Social Tools
  • Expert Interview - Graham Brown - Brands as Social Tools
  • Graham Brown takes a look at Red Bull's Marketing
  • [LIVE] Is Nokia the best phone ever?
  • [LIVE] Brand stories are not created by brands
  • Brand Pyramids
  • SECTION 7: TYRANNY OF IDENTITY: the value of privacy
  • Are Teens Leaving Facebook?
  • Why Facebook is not enough for teens
  • SECTION 8: Ready for action? Here's what you need to do (and avoid)
  • Design vs Social Thinking
  • Making it pink doesn't make it a Social Tool for women
  • This is NOT #socialmedia
  • Why Creative Agencies Suck
  • Mindset: Loudspeaker Vs Telephone
  • Exercise - Loudspeaker In Action
  • Brand Democracy
  • SECTION 9: Applying the Social Customer Framework to Youth Marketing
  • [LIVE] The past and coming decade in Youth Marketing
  • 10 Key Youth Marketing Concepts Explained
  • Challenge #1: Rising Cost Of Youth Attention
  • [LIVE] Awareness vs Attention
  • Exercise - Cost of Youth Attention
  • Expert Interview - Graham Brown - Cost of Youth Attention
  • Fragmented Youth Attention Economy
  • What Do Youth Care About (hint: not your brand)
  • Stop the Celebrity
  • Exercise - What DO Youth Care About?
  • So You Think You Know Teens?
  • The 7 Secrets of Student Marketing
  • What Great Brands Do
  • Youth Retail Insights
  • How can Auto Reach Youth Through Customer Service?
  • Youthsourcing
  • SECTION 10: Start with your Fans
  • Introduction - Not All Customers Are The Same
  • Exercise - What Fans Do
  • Fans
  • [LIVE] What brands can learn from internet Fandoms
  • Fanspotting
  • Fanspotting (2)
  • Build a Beachhead or Perish
  • [LIVE] How to (not) involve Fans
  • How do Apple, Amazon and O2 create Fans?
  • How to Youthsource Like Ford
  • Teens: Instagram's Growing Vocal Minority
  • SECTION 11: Expert Panel
  • Graham Brown, Founder of mobileYouth
  • Tom Ryan, CEO of Threadless
  • Vipe Desai, Director of Marketing Monster Energy
  • John Waraniak, VP of Technology of SEMA
  • Roman Tsunder, Cause Marketing
  • Nancy Lublin,
  • Gregg Witt, Premise Immersive Marketing
  • Ian Calvert, Instant Grass
  • SECTION 12: Recommended Further Reading
  • All is Social
  • Influence: A Marketer's Handbook
  • Fans: from Liked to Loved
  • Youth Marketing Handbook
  • Youth Marketing 101
  • The Mobile Youth
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