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Why should you take this course?

You probably know Bloom’s domains of learning: cognitive, affective, psychomotor. But are you aware of the four new adult learning styles: the step learner, the research learner, the talk learner and the create learner? If you’ve taught a class and one learner said, “That was amazing!” but another said, “You missed me entirely,” you have seen the result of different learning styles. Learn the tools you can use to engage all four learning styles every time you teach or train and save your company thousand of dollars and hundreds of hours by getting it right the first time. In this 2 hour program you will learn what universities and training teams nationwide are just beginning to understand about effective adult learning.

Bonus! You’ll receive a 37 page workbook to follow along with the video program and an instrument to determine your learning style (because that’s the style in which you naturally teach). You'll also get practical tools to effectively engage and teach all of the other styles. If you want to improve your results and save valuable time, you have found what you’re looking for.

Don't take my word for it. Hear what others have to say...

"I attended this two-hour workshop (Bullseye) where Jason demonstrated the principles of his Rule the Room approach for teaching adults. Jason did an excellent job of demonstrating the difference in adult learning styles and how it's possible for both non-educators and educators plus those with presentation experience to fulfill an educational role with adult students. His material has great application possibilities for a wide variety of situations--classes, presentations to adult audiences, interviews--his work is terrific!"

- Sondra Retzlaff - Senior Marketing Coordinator and Copy Crafter at Mead & Hunt

"It's pretty simple. Jason Teteak walks the talk. In this day and age, finding a true thought leader amongst many is the key to getting to new levels. Listening to Jason and benefitting from his teachings will take you to that new level you seek. He is cutting edge, extremely practical and connects in a way that is motivating, informing and memorable. Some of the biggest benefits received from Jason are tactics, ideas and methods that are immediately implementable. Watch Jason’s program before your competition does."

- Al Lautenslager - Best-selling Author, Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days

“The most important take-away I had from your class was learning about my own style. Knowing how I like to learn influences how I will teach, facilitate meetings, and grow my staff. It also made me cognizant of learners who prefer different styles than my personal preference. Overall, that made me a more effective presenter since I knew exactly what I needed to work on to capture the attention of those learners—who are diametrically different from my personal learning/teaching style.”

- Brittany Crosby - Project Manager & Corporate Trainer

Who is the target audience?
  • Trainers
  • Teachers
  • Facilitators
  • Managers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Training Managers
  • Academic Leaders
  • Curriculum Writers
  • Technical Professionals
  • Teaching
  • Entrepreneurs

  • A love for learning and teaching others.

What Will I Learn?
  • Identify and understand the learners in your audience
  • Discover how YOU learn and translate your style to your audience
  • Get every learner to crave what you have to say
  • Keep your learners engaged so their minds don't wander
  • Use teaching tools that make every learner feel you're teaching in their learning style
  • Ensure every learner comes away with exactly what you want them to know

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 8 Lectures 01:48:48 + – Discover How Adults Learn 3 Lectures 56:54 Discover How Adults Learn - Part 1 Preview 25:17

Identify and understand the learners in your audience.

Discover How Adults Learn - Part 2 25:01

Discover how YOU learn and translate your style to your audience.

Identify Your Learning Style 06:36 + – The Twelve Teaching Tools 5 Lectures 51:54

Get every learner to crave what you have to say.

Capture Every Learner Immediately 13:05

Keep your learners engaged so their minds don't wander.

Keep Every Learner Engaged 11:57

Use teaching tools that make every learner feel you're teaching in their learning style.

Teach Every Learner Simultaneously 10:22

Ensure every learner comes away with exactly what you want them to know.

Ensure Everyone "Gets It" 15:57

Apply and practice the techniques you learned in this course.

Go "Rule It" 00:33
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