Starting Your First Wordpress Blog: From Idea to First Post


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If you have always wondered how to create your own website, this course is for you. In under an hour, I will take you through the entire process to get your first WordPress blog up and running.

We will start by narrowing down your ideas and deciding which one is going to be the topic of the blog. We will then determine your domain name, hosting site, and even install Wordpress once we have purchased your site. This will all lead to a brief overview of WordPress and doing things like: Installing a theme, editing your basics info, understanding the difference between a post and a page, and even publishing your first post!

This course will not turn you into a experienced web designer, but it will help you get your first blog up and running in a snap.

Who is the target audience?
  • New bloggers
  • People looking to start a blog
  • People looking to build a website
  • Business owners
  • Small business owners
  • Marketers
  • Online marketers
  • People new to the Internet
  • Anyone willing to learn a new skill

  • A computer
  • Internet
  • A willingness to learn

What Will I Learn?
  • Teach you how to take an idea and turn it into a blog
  • Find and setup a hosting system for your site
  • Install WordPress on your website
  • Determine the best domain name for your site
  • Decide what your blog topic will be
  • Install a theme and update basic information on WordPress
  • Write and publish your first post

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 15 Lectures 55:39 + – Course Introduction 1 Lecture 01:48

This video will explain what we will be learning in this course and who should be taking it.

Overview of the Course Preview 01:48 + – Idea 3 Lectures 12:15

Before we hop into the world of blogging, we have to decide what we are going to be blogging about. This video walks you through some questions you need to ask yourself in regards to topic and also shows you the process I use to determine a blog topic.

What Are You Going to Blog About? Preview 05:11

Do you want to blog, but have no writing talent? This video explains why that is not an issue.

Wait - I'm Not Good at Writing 02:58

Ah! The all important domain name. Find out my tips for choosing the perfect one for your new blog.

Deciding on a Domain Name 04:06 + – Technical Side Set-Up 6 Lectures 21:51

When it comes to a great website, you have to have great hosting! Hosting is the place you store your website. This video explains a little more and also shows you some great options:






Finding Great Hosting Preview 06:40

Once you have purchased a hosting service, you are going to need to purchase a domain name. This video shows you how to purchase one through Fatcow and it also shows you how to purchase it from GoDaddy and transfer it over to Fatcow.

Purchasing Your Domain Name 04:29

If you decided to use Fatcow as your hosting service, this video will show you the basics of the dashboard. I will briefly walkthrough the links you will need and why you will need them.

Fatcow Dashboard Overview 02:52

Since we don't know how to code a website, we are going to need to use a content management system to create our blog. This video walks you through how to install Wordpress onto your new site.

Installing Wordpress 02:46

This video will show you how to access the backend of your Wordpress website.

Accessing Your Site's Backend 01:29

Now that we have Wordpress installed on our site, we need to know the basics of the CMS. This video takes you through the basics of what Wordpress has to offer.

Basics of a Wordpress Backend 03:35 + – Site Design and Posts 4 Lectures 17:10

Instead of learning how to use CSS and HTML, we are going to use pre-designed themes to create our new blog. There are over 1000 to choose from and we can make these themes our own with a little customization.

Choosing and Installing a Theme 03:46

Before we get blogging, we need to get the basic info updated on your site. This video will show you how to do just that.

Updating the Basics of Your Site 03:57

Did you know that there was a difference between a post and a page? If not, this video will explain the difference.

Difference Between Pages and Posts 02:53

This maybe the most important video of this class. It takes you through all you need to know to publish your first post.

How to Create Your First Post 06:34 + – Summary of Class and Next Steps 1 Lecture 02:35

This video summarizes the course and provides you with my advice moving forward.

Class Summary and Next Steps 02:35
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