Start Your Own Online Community

The Jamroom Network, Udemy

This course is intended for anybody who wants to setup an online community.

This community could be any type of community, but the focus of the finished site is for each member of the community to have a role and be able to perform that role online.

An example would be a 'Band Community' where bands can come to the community, create a profile and upload their songs and videos to the site.

It doesn't have to be a music community, it could be any type.

By the time you finish the course material you should:

  • have a working community website in place
  • feel comfortable configuring that website
  • feel comfortable running that website
  • feel comfortable extending that website with new features for your members

Thank you for joining, I look forward to working with you.

Lets get started.

(online demo: )

Category: Technology
  • What are the requirements?
    • basic web skills
    • abilty to follow instructions
    • willingness to learn
    • a web server
    • a domain name
    • an FTP client (free piece of software for transferring files to a web server.)
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 27 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
    • By the end of the course you will be comfortable setting up, configuring and running your online community.
  • What is the target audience?
    • administrators wanting a website for an existing offline community

SECTION 1: Our Goals
  • Introduction to the Course
  • Useful Links
  • SECTION 2: Getting the Website Online
  • What is Jamroom?
  • Overview of the process
  • Technical steps of using FTP to transfer the website files
  • So what is it we just installed?
  • The ACP (Admin Control Panel)
  • SECTION 3: Selecting Modules
  • Adding features to your community
  • How to install a module via the Markeplace system
  • (optional) Module: jrForum
  • (optional) Module: jrComments
  • (optional) Module: jrGallery
  • (optional) Module: jrEmbed
  • (optional) Module: jrTags
  • (optional) Module: jrAudio. Upload a full album of songs
  • (optional) Module: jrFeeds. Add an RSS feed to your site
  • (optional) Module: jrAdminMenu
  • (optional) Module: jrPlaylist. User created playlist of audio files
  • Wrapup to the "Selecting Modules" section
  • SECTION 4: Skins
  • Intro to Skins
  • Choosing a Skin
  • Easy Skin Alteration (no HTML knowledge required)
  • Skin Customization (HTML knowledge required)
  • SECTION 5: Features
  • Groups in Jamroom are called 'quotas'
  • Re-Ordering items
  • SECTION 6: Going Forward
  • Getting Help
  • Developers Guide To Customizing Jamroom
  • Dates:
    • Free schedule
    Course properties:
    • Free:
    • Paid:
    • Certificate:
    • MOOC:
    • Video:
    • Audio:
    • Email-course:
    • Language: English Gb


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