Start Blogging: Your First WordPress Blog Setup Today



This course will take you step-by-step into setting up your first online WordPress blog.  It's not hard to do when you have someone teaching you with step-by-step video instructions.

Who should take this course?  Anyone who is looking to setup a blog the easiest and fastest way.  People who are looking to start a blog for a company, business or personal use should take this course.

The course consists of:

  • 28 Step-by-step lectures
  • 25 Easy to follow tutorial video

You'll learn the basics like:

  • How to get a domain and what it is
  • How to get cheap hosting (including first month for 1 Cent!)
  • How to create your 1st blog post
  • How to make your site look awesome
  • How to add tags and categories to organize your site
  • How to use plugins/widgets and what they are
  • Easily adding images to your sidebar and blog posts
  • How to customize your header/logo (the easy way)

Plus some more advanced stuff like:

  • Getting into a niche your love
  • What are keywords and how to use them on your blog
  • How to do advanced keyword research
  • Creating blog posts that people will LOVE
  • Getting indexed (found) in Google/Bing

You can take this course now and have your blog setup today.  Simply watch the instructional videos and then complete each action while watching over my shoulder.

Who is the target audience?
  • Beginners who want to setup a beautiful blog
  • People who want a website/blog without knowing any coding
  • People who want to learn exactly what they need to know to create and run a blog

  • Read and Understand English
  • Can Follow simple directions and complete tasks on your own

What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course you'll have fully funtional working WordPress blog today
  • After taking this course you'll be an awesome blogger
  • Own a blog website that you'll be proud of

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 28 Lectures 03:58:53 + – Introduction To Wordpress 1 Lecture 03:23 Wordpress is a simple CMS (content management system) that works without the user needing to know coding or even how it fully works.  Creating and customizing a blog with Wordpress is easy and perfect for beginners.

In this course I will show you how to have a great looking blog setup and fully functional by the time you are done going through the lectures.
What Is Wordpress & What You Are Doing Here Preview 03:23 + – Wordpress Overview - Niche Selection 4 Lectures 56:51 Select A Niche 07:23 Keyword Reseach For A Better Blog 10:05

Note: This lecture is OPTIONAL for those who want to do advanced research. 

I always get the question "How can I speed up the keyword research process?"  Well, over the last 3 years I have used a ton of tools.  I have to be honest, what I am going to show you is the best one IMO.  Watch the video and see how I am getting fast results, finding a niche I can dominate and finding every single aspect I need to know before jumping into a niche.

  • Then grab your FREE Download of Market Samurai so you can follow along with me. 

Once you use it I am sure you'll love it.  It's currently my favorite tool on the market (and the one I use the most).

Market Samurai Video #1 on the left.

Market Samurai Video #2:  Checking Out Your Competition - Is in the next lecture.

As with all tools using a keyword research tool is 100% optional.  But, I really recommend at some point you invest in a tool like this.  It saves me a ton of time and makes my life easier.

Advanced Keyword Research Preview 16:52 This is part 2 of the advanced keyword research walk-through.  This video will discuss using tools to analyze your competition.
Advanced Keyword Research Part 2 22:30 + – Getting Wordpress Set Up 3 Lectures 42:53

This lesson is simple.  Now that you have a niche idea, a domain and hosting you can now install Wordpress.

The great news is installing WordPress is both free and easy.  It's also easy to customize in seconds.  I'll show you how to get a domain, get hosting, installed Wordpress, change the look of your blog in seconds and create your first blog post in less than 23 minutes.

You'll do the following in this video:

  • Get a domain
  • Get hosting
  • Install Wordpress
  • Add a theme (make your blog look unique)

Lesson Links:

  • Hostgator:
  • Coupon code at checkout:  myownfirstblog

  • Demo Blog:

The demo blog is setup for simple demo purposes only. 

After you get your Domain, Hosting and have Wordpress installed you can move on to the next lecture.
Setting Up Your Blog Step-by-Step 22:21 There are some important settings you'll need to adjust in your WordPress dashboard.  Follow the video below to see my suggestions. Configure Your Settings 13:01 In this video I'll show you how to turn the ability for your visitors to comment off.  It's on by default and most bloggers will want to keep these on.

I also cover how to moderate incoming comments that people place on your blog.
How To Turn Comments On/Off and Moderate Them 07:31 + – Posting And Creating Content 7 Lectures 53:58

In this lecture you'll learn to setup your very first blog post, plus add an image if you decide to.

It's important to note that you should watch the next couple of lectures as well to learn about how an why you should Tag and Categorize your posts as well.

Write Your First Blog Post 11:19 Writing a blog post is one thing.  In this lesson I'll show you how to make it great!
How To Write A Great Blog Post 18:10 In this video you'll learn how to use tags on your posts.  Tags simply help tell your reader what the post is about and make searching your blog easier.
Adding Tags To Posts 04:52  One of the simplest ways to not only keep you organized but to organize your content for your readers is with the use of categories.

Categories allow you to classify segments of your blog.  I.e. let's say you have a car blog; you might want to have different posts showing under different areas. 

I.e. if you write a post about a Ford truck you'd want that post to appear in the Ford category and not in the Honda category.Think of this as a public filing cabinet.

How To Create & Use Categories 09:51 In this lecture I'll show you how to easily add a video to your blog post.
You'll need a video and you'll want to go to to utilize this lecture to the fullest.
How To Add A Video To A Post 03:57 There will be times where you want to add a link inside of a blog post.  This video will walk you through how to do this easily.
Adding Links To Your Blog Post 02:39 Want to create a post but not release it to the public for a few days?  Easy.  You simply need to schedule your posts.

Scheduling allows you to create post and schedule to release for whenever you want.
Scheduling Future Posts 03:10 + – Navigation & Enhancements 8 Lectures 57:04 Give your blog a more professional look by adding a contact form.  This will also allow people to contact you through your blog without leaving comments.
Add A Contact Form 03:56  In just a couple of minutes you can create a custom navigation menu for your site. 

This will allow you to show people the posts that you want, where you want.

Create A Custom Navigation Menu In Minutes 12:12 Plugins and widgets add a great bit of functionality to your blog.  You will want to use them and in this video I'll show you how to do it easily.
What Are Plugins & Widgets & How To Utilize Them 09:49 This video will show you how to turn comments on/off and activate a free plugin that will help prevent SPAM.
Preventing SPAM Commenting 07:49 This video will show you how to tell when you need to process an update and exactly how to do it, easily.
Updating Wordpress & Your Plugins 02:40

This video shows you how to add social icons (Facebook, Twitter and Google+) icons to your blog posts.

How To Add Social Icons To Your Blog Posts 07:31 This is the easiest way to change your Wordpress blog header. 

The easiest way is to use a theme with a customizable header option.

If your theme does not have that there is more work to do.  I suggest getting a theme that you like that has a customizable header to save yourself the hassle of digging into your hosting account. Change Your Header - The Easiest Way 08:53 This video will show you how to add an image into your sidebar widget without knowing any HTML coding!
How To Add An Image Into Your Sidebar 04:14 + – Tracking & Misc. 5 Lectures 19:40

Once your site is built and is getting traffic you'll want to be able to track your stats and visitors!

The way I suggest doing this is through a free online tool called Stat Counter.

Stat Counter will seamlessly work with your website.

You'll be able to track:

How many visitors you get per day, week, month.

What keywords people are coming to your website from.

Which search engines are the most helpful.

What URLs people are coming in from and more.

Go signup with Stat Counter Here. 

Tracking Stats & Visitors 10:21

In this lecture you'll learn how to get your website indexed with Google and how to setup a simple sitemap to notify the search engines of your content.

What is getting indexed?

Simple, it means that the particular search engine is aware of your website. Having the search engines aware that you exist is important.

Google accounts for over 60% of all online searches so it's critical that Google is aware that your blog exists.

Get Indexed In Google With A Sitemap 03:51 Like Google, Bing is a powerful search engine.  Bing accounts for nearly 16% of all searches online and it's growing.  You want Bing to be aware that you exist and this tutorial will show you how.
Get Indexed By Bing 03:37 This lecture will show you a few example sites.  If you'd like I will be happy to put yours in the showcase when you're done building it!
Demo Blogs & Inspiration 00:49 This is the closing area.  I want to not only thank you, but offer a couple of quick suggestion as you continue blogging.
Closing Comments 01:00
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