How to Sell Social Marketing Media Services

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Win Buy-In and Resources from Senior Business Decision Makers and Potential Clients

Learn how to sell social media marketing services to senior decision makers even if they don't use Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.  If you want to sell social media campaigns to clients or convince your boss to use social media.

I have sold five and six figure social media consulting contracts to Fortune 100s, Federal Government Agencies, global nonprofits and the US Military.  I have a formula for building a business case that anyone, regardless of their digital literacy, can understand and appreciate.  In this course, I'll show you everything you need to know to design and deliver a winning new business pitch or proposal to your CFO.

Companies and clients alike are spending more on social media and less on traditional marketing and PR services.  Are you shifting your resources as well?  Are you winning your share of this exploding new business category? Get the skills you need to build an irrefutable business case for social marketing with even the most skeptical clients.  As my decade of experience closing major account business with clients including Boeing, Johnson & Johnson, Toyota, UCLA, the US Dept. of Defense and dozens of small to medium size businesses.

You'll also get an arsenal of exclusive supplemental resources including a social media sales presentation template, articles on selling social media and audio resources with leading industry experts discussing how to sell social media pilot programs, online lead generation, selling social media to senior management, selling social media in the enterprise, selling social media to B2Bs and much more.

Get this online social media marketing services course and start closing social media marketing business today.

Take this course now, and learn how to sell your social marketing media services.

  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 32 lectures and 6.5 hours of content!
    • Shape the business argument
    • Provide evidence of buyer activity
    • Convert social media skeptics
    • Sell social media to B2Bs and B2Cs
    • Generate leads via social media
    • Selling social media through search
    • Selling to social media skeptics
    • Positioning social media as an asset
    • Tailoring your pitch to corporate culture
    • Selling social local mobile campaigns
    • And much, much more

SECTION 1: Intro to Selling Social Media Marketing Services
  • How to Sell Social Media Marketing Services: Course Overview
  • About This Instructor
  • Intro to Selling Social Media Marketing Services: How to Sell Social Media Services
  • SECTION 2: The Wind Up: Getting Ready to Sell Social Media Services
  • Selling Social Media as an Asset, Not an Expense: How to Sell Social Media Services
  • Articulating the Value Proposition: How to Sell Social Media to Clients
  • How to Sell Social Media to the CFO: How to Sell Social Media Marketing Services
  • Selling Social Media to Skeptics: How to Sell Social Media Marketing
  • How to Sell Social Media to B2B Marketers: How to Sell Social Media Services
  • SECTION 3: The Pitch: Selling Social Media Services
  • HOW TO: Sell Social Media through Search Engine Optimization Analysis: How to Sell Social Media Services
  • HOW TO: Build the Business Case for Social Media Marketing
  • Position Social Media as a Way to Improve the Effectiveness of Existing Business Activities: How to Sell Social Media
  • Sell Social Media by Revealing Buyer Activity: How to Sell Social Media
  • More on Finding Buyer Activity on Social Networks: How to Sell Social Media
  • Find the Client's Social Media Champions: How to Sell Social Media Marketing Services
  • How To Prospect for New Business on a Mobile Device: How to Sell Social Media Services
  • Assemble Evidence of Buyer Activity: How to Sell Social Media to Clients
  • Tailor Your Pitch to Your Prospect's Corporate Culture: How to Sell Social Media Marketing
  • SECTION 4: Wrap Up: Follow Up Social Media Selling Resources
  • FREE Chapter Download
  • SECTION 5: Supplemental Resources: How to Sell Social Media Services
  • How To: Generate B2B Leads on SlideShare
  • Selling Social Media to the US Pentagon
  • 4 Ways B2B Social Networks Drive Commerce
  • Selling Pilot Programs with Brian Solis
  • Selling to the Enterprise with Pete Blackshaw
  • Selling to the CEO with Charlene Li
  • Selling on Linkedin with Don Spetner
  • Selling B2B Social Networks with Mark Yoltan
  • Lead Generation on SlideShare with Rashmi Sinha
  • Sample Sales Deck
  • How Social Media Killed the Cold Call
  • 4 Ways To Develop New Business On Slide Share
  • Promotional Materials
  • Social Selling eBook
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