Beginner Mobile App Development with Appcelerator Titanium



The key learning objectives of this Appcelerator Titanium Tutorial is the use of Titanium Studio and programming iPhone and Android apps. The course consists of video lectures and hands-on exercises. The student will be learning Titanium App Development by installing the open source software on their computer (PC or Mac) and build apps.  The course can be completed in 10 weeks.

Mobile technology is a growing technology field.  Building apps for various platforms in a single code line helps small and medium businesses to maintain their own mobile apps. 

The Appcelerator Titanium Tutorial instructor is available to answer questions through email.

You can get started with this content at and then take the course online for college credit at

</p> Who is the target audience?
  • IT professionals planning to enter the mobile tech space
  • Prospective college students

What Will I Learn?
  • Learn how to install Titanium Studio
  • Learn how to run demo application
  • Learn how to write Titanium mobile code

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 19 Lectures 03:15:28 + – Lectures 11 Lectures 03:02:01 Welcome to the course Preview 02:49

Install Titanium on the Windows platform for Android development or on Mac for both Android and iPhone.  Applications developed on Windows can be compiled on Mac for iPhone or iPad.

Installation of Titanium by Appcelerator 42:19

Learn how to write basic Titanium code

MyFirstApp - How to write the code Preview 19:00 Titatnium Views - objects to create a screen layout 11:05 Events - Making your app interactive 23:21 API Docs - Find what you can do with your code 04:53 The power of Titanium is in not having to redevelop the wheel.  You can download example application right from or from other developer sites.  In fact, you can install sample apps right from the Dashboard page in the Titanium Studio.  Here is the link to download sample apps: http:… Example mobile apps 00:46

 Appcelerator Marketplace is a way to use code developed by others and get a jump start on your advanced app.

Marketplace Modules - add advanced code to your app, create the Paint app 18:45

 Create your first mobile game.

The Game - mobile PONG Preview 55:58 This follow up contains a fix for a bug which is present on the Android platform.
The Game - follow up for the Android 03:03 More app source code 00:02 + – Appcelerator Content 5 Lectures 01:21 Basic course: Zero to an App Advanced courses: Building Native Mobile Applications Start here to learn about developing applications on Titanium. Advanced Titanium Mobile Development Deepen your understanding of Titanium using a wide range of cross-platf… Follow up courses directly from Appcelerator 00:19   Lab tutorials Building Native Mobile App with Titanium Lab Tutorials Advanced Titanium Mobile Development Lab Tutorials Labs from Appcelerator 00:06  Make sure to download the KitchenSink app.  It includes many samples of code you can run and copy into your app. The KitchenSink app 00:06 BNAPP ebook You can download the Building Mobile Applications with Titanium ebook as an epub or mobi file for reading on your favorite e-reader. The epub version is suitable for iBooks, Nook, and other epub-compatible devices. For Kindle, we provide the mobi format. At this time, it appears you cann… Downloadable eBook 00:43  Once you've learned the basics, you can read guides at  Start with the Animations guide: Developer Guides 00:05 + – - Preview YouTube Content 1 Lecture 00:10  A number of tutorials are available on YouTube.  You can start by watching the free episodes of the course about Titanium Preview content from 00:10 + – End of Course 2 Lectures 08:07

The presentation demonstrates the Apple TestFlight system. It allows developers to download unpublished binaries before they are submitted to the app store for review.

TestFlight on iOS to preview your app before the App Store review 06:17 Thank you for completing the course.
Course end video 01:50
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