Mobile App Development Made Easy Using Corona SDK by Infinite Skills

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Learn commercial Mobile App Design. Write once and build to iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and NOOK at the touch of a button.

Course Duration: 7.5 Hours - 96 Lessons

About this training course and why this is the best way to learn mobile app creation

It's possible to make a mobile app without writing any code yourself, it's also possible to build an app within an hour. But do you really think that throwing an App together in the shortest possible time with the minimum of effort is going to pay dividends and make lots of money, do you think this "drive-through" app creation process is going to wow your customers and have them reaching for their wallets? Of course not, this fast-track approach is OK to get you familiar with the development concept, but as far as getting you on the path to commercial success with your apps, it's not really going to cut it. Customers expectations have become increasingly more demanding, and building an App that takes advantage of all the features of todays modern devices does require a little bit of work, it requires some planning, some coding and a little bit of thought, that's the bad news, the good news is this little bit of effort equals a whole lot of profit. Take our own InfiniteSkills app, it generates hundreds of sales per day every day, it took a little effort to build, but it makes a whole lot of profit and there is no reason why you can't also create an app like this.

The last thing we wanted to do was to try to promote this course on the premise that you could just click a few buttons and the app would magically appear and have people beating a path to your door to buy it. If you want a decent app you are going to have to roll up your sleeves and start to write a bit of code. CODE I hear you say, well yes, but before your mind conjures up images of writing complex blocks of code and spending hours in development let me introduce you to the Corona SDK. The Corona SDK is going to do the heavy lifting for you and make the development process far shorter, Corona allows you to still work with all elements required to build really complex and fully functional apps, but makes the process a whole lot faster and easier. Using the Corona SDK and this tutorial, tasks like animating objects, creating UI widgets or enabling physics will take only a few lines of simple code. Using the Corona SDK, development processes are typically around 5x faster then using conventional methods.

Like you'd expect in this course we're going to be starting of simple with creating shapes, manipulate images, creating text, and other graphical objects. The course will teach you how to create event listeners, and take action on event triggers. You will learn timers and animation, physics and collision detection, how to use multimedia, GPS and maps, capture user input, data management and much much more. We intend to give you the tools and skills to build commercial apps, but make it as simple as possible.

A Little About Corona SDK

Corona is the World's #1 Mobile Development Platform and is built on mobile and industry standards including OpenGL, OpenAL, Google Maps, Box2D physics, Facebook Connect, Game Center, in-app purchases and much more. Using Corona, you’ll enjoy access to the same stack, architecture and services used by the most sophisticated mobile development studios, without having to employ a team of engineers to maintain your platform. Corona has incorporated the best possible components for your mobile app development efforts. If you're serious about App Development and want to minimise build time and maximise revenue then utilising the Corona SDK is really the only option. Corona allows you to build complex mobile applications and then deploy them to multiple platforms and devices very quickly and efficiently.


you do not need any prior mobile app development experience to learn how to use this powerful software development kit. All you need is a desire to create professional mobile apps that

What you'll get out of this course

By the completion of this training course for the Corona SDK, you will be able to create mobile applications quickly and easily for iOS, Android and other popular mobile devices. The author has included working files to allow you to work alongside him as he shows you how to build working Apps with the Corona SDK and the Lua Programming language.

How hard can it be - It's child's play says  Sebastian Perez - age 15

When I dove into Corona with zero coding or programming skills, I found the platform easy to use. I learned how to switch scenes and put images on the iPhone in just 5 days! That was an accomplishment in and of it self. With my new knowledge, I started to make my first Corona SDK app called Minecraft Guide. I launched it on December 13, 2011 and it was my first hit paid app with over 6K downloads and counting. Then a few month later, I developed Minecraft Quiz, my first free hit app that got over 100K downloads within the first three month! Since its launch, the app has ranked in the Top 50 in Trivia. I have been developing for over a year now and have multiple apps including iMinecraft Guide, Super Craft and Deceased City.

  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 97 lectures and 8.5 hours of content!

SECTION 1: 01. Introducing Corona
  • Working Files - Download These First
  • About This Course
  • Using The Working Files
  • Downloading And Setting Up Corona
  • Exploring Sample Projects
  • Creating Your First Corona Project
  • SECTION 2: 02. Getting Started With Lua
  • Setting And Getting Variables
  • Creating And Using Tables
  • Defining And Using Functions
  • Creating And Using Conditional Statements
  • Creating And Using For Loops
  • Understanding Variable Scope
  • SECTION 3: 03. Shapes, Images, And Text
  • Creating Basic Geometric Shapes
  • Creating Local And Remote Images
  • Manipulating Images
  • Creating Text
  • Using Custom Fonts
  • Grouping Objects
  • Dynamic Image Resolution
  • Setting Image Masks
  • Monitoring Texture Memory
  • Removing Display Objects
  • Capturing The Screen
  • Creating Images Using Image Sheets:
  • SECTION 4: 04. Events And Interaction
  • Creating Event Listeners
  • Handling Touch Events
  • Handling Runtime Events
  • Understanding The Self Keyword
  • Creating A Reusable Button Class
  • 0406 Making An Object Draggable
  • Firing Custom Events
  • Handling Multi Touch Events
  • Handling Device Orientation Events
  • Handling System Events
  • Changing Scenes With The Storyboard API
  • SECTION 5: 05. Timers And Animation
  • Creating Timers
  • Animating Display Objects
  • Setting The Callback Function Of An Animation
  • Sequencing Multiple Animations By Using Delays
  • Creating Animations Using Image Sheets
  • SECTION 6: 06. Physics Engine
  • Creating Simple Physics Bodies
  • Setting Physics World And Body Properties
  • Creating Complex Physics Bodies Part 1
  • Creating Complex Physics Bodies Part 2
  • Detecting Collisions
  • Using Collision Filters
  • Applying Force, Impulse, And Damping
  • 0608 Making Physics Bodies Act As Bullets Or Sensors
  • SECTION 7: 07. Physics Joints
  • Creating A Weld Joint
  • Creating A Distance Joint
  • Creating A Pivot Joint
  • Creating A Piston Joint
  • Creating A Touch Joint
  • SECTION 8: 08. Hardware And Multimedia
  • Detecting Device Information
  • Playing Sound And Music
  • Setting Volume Changes
  • Taking Photos
  • Playing Video With The Media API
  • Playing Native Video
  • Setting The Device To Vibrate
  • Using The Accelerometer
  • SECTION 9: 09. GPS And The Map View
  • Creating A Map View
  • Returning User Location
  • Querying Locations And Setting Pins
  • Reverse Geocoding
  • SECTION 10: 10. Capturing User Input
  • Using Text Fields
  • Using Text Boxes
  • Calling A Native Alert Dialog
  • Calling A Native Activity Indicator
  • Sending An E Mail
  • Sending A Text (SMS Message )
  • SECTION 11: 11. User Interface Widgets
  • 1101 Creating A Button
  • 1102 Creating A Picker Wheel
  • 1103 Creating A Table View
  • 1104 Creating A Slider
  • 1105 Creating A Scroll View
  • 1106 Creating A Tab Bar
  • 1107 Masking Widgets
  • 1108 Creating An Interactive Form - Part 1
  • 1109 Creating An Interactive Form - Part 2
  • SECTION 12: 12. File And Data Management
  • Reading And Writing Data To Files
  • Reading And Parsing JSON Data
  • Creating And Writing To A Database
  • Reading And Updating A Database Record
  • Deleting A Database Record Or Table
  • Connecting The Interactive Form To A Database
  • Saving A Display Object As A JPEG
  • SECTION 13: 13. Web Views And The Network API
  • Determining Reachability
  • Creating A Web Popup
  • Creating A Native Web View On IOS
  • SECTION 14: 14. Debugging And Resource Management
  • Reading Common Error Messages
  • Removing Objects Thoroughly
  • Checking Available Memory
  • SECTION 15: 15. Finishing Touches And Device Testing
  • Setting Status Bar Appearance
  • About App Icons And Splash Screens
  • Revisiting The Build Settings File
  • Building For IOS Devices
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    • Language: English Gb


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