Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Tutorial


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Course Duration 9.5 Hours

If you're into Digital Photography, you need to master Adobe Lightroom - Let us show you how.

This Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 training course  takes you through the features and functions of this comprehensive software for both the professional and amateur photographer. Designed for the beginner, you do not require any prior experience working with Adobe Lightroom to take advantage of this tutorial.

You will begin by touring the Lightroom interface, and become familiar with the tools and features that are available to you. You will them move on to cover features such as basic and advanced catalog organization, tethering, manipulating your images, geo-coding images, working with modules such as Develop and the Book Module, and so much more. You will learn to create slide shows, print and publish your images, and even export them to use with other Adobe Suite products.

By the conclusion of this video based training course on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4, you will have a clear understanding of the features and functions at your fingertips, and how to utilize them within the software. Working files are included to let you work alongside the author as he proceed through this software video tutorial.

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 143 Lectures 09:05:28 + – Introduction 3 Lectures 03:52 Working Files - Download These First Preview 00:01 Introduction Preview 02:12 Working With Exercise Files Introduction Preview 01:39 + – The First Step 6 Lectures 24:59 Introduction Preview 01:46 Working With Preferences Preview 07:53 Catalog Settings 05:39 Creating Customized Identity Plates 03:42 Editing Watermarks 04:48 Quick-tip - Recovering From A Crash 01:11 + – Getting Ready To Work 8 Lectures 23:30 Introduction 02:02 Choosing The Right Workflow 05:00 The Lightroom 4 Interface 03:10 Getting Efficient With Shortcut Keys 06:09 Modifying & Creating Panel Endmarks 02:48 Changing The Lightroom 4 Background 02:00 Working With Lights Out 01:47 Quick-tip - Creating A Full-Screen Preview 00:34 + – Catalogs And Basic Imports 8 Lectures 25:58 Introduction 01:30 Lightroom 4 Formats 05:49 Creating A Catalog 04:18 Importing From An Existing Folder 04:11 Importing Files From A Digital Camera 03:24 Creating Lightroom Import Presets 02:52 Using Watched Folders 03:07 Quick-tip - Creating Lightroom Alias Files 00:47 + – Capturing With Tether 4 Lectures 14:52 Introduction 01:51 Setting Up Lightroom For Tethering 02:36 Tethering In Lightroom 03:05 Andy's Tethering Workaround 07:20 + – Working In The Library Module 7 Lectures 28:17 Introduction 00:58 Using The Grid And Loupe 07:09 Mastering The Navigator 04:17 Customizing Grid And Loupe Views 04:56 Working In Compare View 05:11 Working In Survey View 02:52 Customizing The Toolbar 02:54 + – Working In The Catalog With RAW And DNG Images 8 Lectures 25:25 Introduction 01:39 Setting Up New Lightroom Catalogs 03:41 Exporting Files To A Catalog 06:28 Dealing With Legacy Catalogs 01:50 RAW Versus DNG 00:55 Working With The RAW Format 04:43 Working With The DNG Format 05:19 Quick-tip - The Photo Metadata Mix Up 00:50 + – Manipulating Images In The Library 6 Lectures 17:41 Introduction 00:52 Working With Quick Develop 07:38 Reusing Quick Develop Settings 04:47 Using Quick Develop With Multiple Images 02:56 Quick-tip - Hidden Adjustments In Quick Develop 00:43 Quick-tip - Quick Before & After Views 00:45 + – Organization Is The Key 11 Lectures 41:41 Introduction 01:37 Tagging Images With Flags, Stars, And Labels 05:52 Organization Though Lightroom Tag 05:12 Powering Though Tagging Images 04:51 Working With Quick Collections 02:56 Creating Smart Collections 05:24 Generating Collection Sets 06:24 Adding Images To A Collection 02:35 Sorting Through Your Images 03:13 Working With Image Stacks 02:57 Quick-tip - Adding Items To A Quick Collection 00:40 + – Working With Lightroom Metadata 7 Lectures 26:27 Introduction 01:24 Keyword Overview 06:36 Working With Keyword Lists 05:06 Applying Keywords To Multiple Images 03:30 Copying Keywords With The Spray Can 01:47 Working Through Metadata 04:44 Creating Metadata Presets
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