iOS and Android HTML5 Apps for Beginners



Update July 2015 - Added lessons on how to publish hybrid apps on iOS and Android using Cordova and the Intel XDK


Make those apps you've always wanted, and sell them on the App Store and on the Google Playstore. Get started TODAY.

In this couse, you'll learn how to create HTML5 apps for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and the web. The course is aimed for both beginners and people with some web development experience.

Some of the topics we cover:

  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript from scratch.
  • HTML5 semantic elements.
  • HTML5 video and audio.
  • CSS3 containers.
  • JQuery from scratch.
  • JQuery Mobile to create professional looking user interfaces.
  • Geolocation.
  • Camera access.
  • Offline storage.
  • Cloud-enable your app: user login, user signup, photo sharing and more
  • Understand what hybrid apps are
  • Learn the difference between Android and Crosswalk app building.
  • Build your apps for iOS and Android using Cordova and the Intel XDK tool.
  • Publish your apps in the App Store and the Google Playstore.

In addition, this course covers the creation of two HTML5 sample apps that you can use as starters for your own projects:

  • Cooking recipie app which uses JQuery Mobile and Offline Storage.
  • Photo sharing app built with JQuery Mobile and Appcelerator Cloud Services to share photos and create users in the cloud.

This course was created by Pablo Farias Navarro, founder and CEO of ZENVA. Over 100k students are taking our high-quality courses in HTML5, mobile apps and game development.

Who is the target audience?
  • Motivated people who are willing to learn new skills and make those phone apps the've always dreamt of

  • No previous knowledge required. Some experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript will certainly be of help.

What Will I Learn?
  • Create iOS and Android apps with HTML5

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 62 Lectures 05:15:09 + – A Post-PC World 5 Lectures 22:55 A Post-PC World - Part 1 Preview 04:05 A Post-PC World - Part 2 Preview 08:41 Course Overview 07:31 Course files 00:03 Other Mobile Development Courses by Zenva 02:35 + – HTML 3 Lectures 16:15 Html Basics - Part1 05:21 Html Basics - Part 2 04:09 Html Basics - Part 3 06:45 + – HTML5 4 Lectures 22:45 HTML5 Semantic Structure 06:25 HTML5 Semantic Text 07:15 HTML5 Forms - Part 1 05:58


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HTML5 Forms - Part 2 03:07 + – HTML5 Audio and Video 2 Lectures 09:33 HTML5 Video 05:18 HTML5 Audio 04:15 + – CSS 5 Lectures 27:03 CSS Basics - Part 1 04:56 CSS Basics - Part 2 04:16 CSS Basics - Part 3 03:51 CSS Basics - Part 4 05:48 CSS3 Pretty Containers 08:12 + – JavaScript Basics 7 Lectures 27:04 Javascript Basics - Variables 04:48 Javascript Basics - Strings 01:14 Javascript Basics - Conditions 05:30 Javascript Basics - Functions 03:35 Javascript Basics - Arrays 02:42 Javascript Basics - Iterations 04:31 Javascript Basics 7 - Objects And JSON 04:44 + – JQuery 4 Lectures 15:39 JQuery - Installation 03:47 JQuery - DOM 03:11 JQuery - Events 04:43 JQuery - CSS 03:58 + – JQuery Mobile 5 Lectures 24:15 JQuery Mobile - Installation 04:41 JQuery Mobile - Navigation 04:27 JQuery Mobile - Collapsible Elements 02:25 JQuery Mobile - ListView 03:49 JQuery Mobile - Forms 08:53 + – Your First App - Cooking Recipies 6 Lectures 24:50 Local Storage 03:43 Dynamic ListView 04:18 Dynamic Pages 03:40 Deleting Recipies 03:34 Adding Recipies 03:12 Securing Your First App 06:23 + – Geolocation 1 Lecture 06:11 Geolocation 06:11 3 More Sections
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