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"Completed my CCDH certification!!!"

"I have just completed the CCDH certification last week. And i must say that this course helped me a great deal to master the Hadoop concepts and gain confidence in taking up this challenging exam.

The course is designed well and the Hadoop concepts explained in a very clear style which also made my learning fun. I would recommended this course for anyone wanting to take up the CCDH." -Glen


"Must have Course!!!"

"Innovative way of teaching. I found this to be a lot of value packed into one single course! Instructor has really given his best to make you understand the topics. I would recommend this to everyone." - Abhijeet Garde


"Good course on hadoop for beginners!"

"This is probably one of the best bang for the buck hadoop courses Ive taken and seen. Ive taken a few other quick free courses to get Hadoop and MapReduce from a different perspective and I always refer back to this course." -Brian Teusink


Objective of this Course

You may start with no knowledge in Hadoop and this training will help you setup hadoop and learn hadoop and mapReduce programming to a level you can get ready to face certification exam from Cloudera: Cloudera Certified Hadoop Developer (CCD-410.)

Learning hadoop is simple:

Learning Hadoop is easy, all you need is a little help in the right direction. You can learn it at home by setting by a cluster on single machine and try your hands on advanced concepts at home and this course helps you do just that. In this course you will learn the fundamentals of hadoop with examples and pictorial explanations which are fast and easy to understand. With exam like practice quizzes, you will get ready to clear Cloudera and Hortonworks developer certification examination.

There are courses from a lot of companies which cost a fortune($2000 and upwards) for just 3 to 4 day training. This course is aimed to provide a less costly DIY pattern learning. One of the unique qualities of this course is that it helps you reach certification level expertise at fraction of the cost.

Why you should take this course?

Things keep changing, and when in IT, you should know that the rule of the game is to understand the new wave and ride it when its there. This course would take down all the initial struggle that you might need to do to learn a complex technology and you'll be able to learn easily through video and through interacting with me.

Calculate the Return On Investment (ROI) for this course. Knowledge, certification and higher pay-scales would remain with you forever, with just one time small investment. This could be one of your best investment to brighten carrier opportunities.

This could open your doors to the most in demand IT jobs in the current times. Right now is the perfect time to enter the field of Big Data and whatever target you choose, to be hadoop developer or hadoop administrator or hadoop data scientist, the content of the course is fundamental to every carrier path and very necessary to reach the ultimate goal.

What you will get from the course?

1. High quality video content: The video content is filled with animations and pictorial representations so as to make your learning interesting, innovative, fast and easy.

2. Code and Hands-on: All the students enrolled in this course install and run programs in map-reduce framework. Code of all the programs discussed is attached with the course. (10+ code examples).

3. Quizzes: There are exam-like, interesting quiz questions at the end of each lesson to check the learning and to get you ready for the certification exams.

4. Important Documents: A few important pdf document notes are attached with the lessons which help you to refer to when working on hadoop.


These general questions have been asked to me in the past.

Ques> By what time can I think of getting certified?

> It would take you around 15-25 days time to complete the course as it involves setting up hadoop and some hands on exercises. At the end of the course there are exam like quiz questions which would test your readiness to face and clear the exam. Because the exam pattern keeps changing, I would highly recommend to go through Cloudera practice papers to be in perfect preparation for the exam.

Ques> Do you give exam dumps?

> Nope. Sorry. This course would help you build understanding about Hadoop and thus prepare you for the exam. No dubious activities such as giving exam dumps are encouraged by this course.

More Information on Hadoop Certification

For more information on hadoop certification, search google for Cloudera CCD-410 and Hortonworks Certified Apache Hadoop 2.x Java Developer (HCAHD).


"Best Hadoop Training for Starters"

"This is the best course which I have come across on Hadoop Training. Excellent teaching using slides in a way that anyone with zero knowledge can get along. This course is worth every cent.

Great work Nitesh. Thanks for coming up with this course." - Uzair


Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone interested in Hadoop, HDFS and MapReduce.
  • For those who want to learn programming in MapReduce a little OOP knowledge is assumed.
  • Basic database knowledge is assumed. (Like joins, normalisation)

  • If you want to do hands on and programming along with the lessons, you would require a 64 bit processor computer with atleast 4 GB RAM. If you are just interested in theory, you don't even need that.

What Will I Learn?
  • Code of all the programs discussed.
  • Builds strong MapReduce and Hadoop fundamentals.
  • 200+ highly relevant questions to prepare for certification exams like Cloudera and Hortonworks.
  • Massive Q&A repository.

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 49 Lectures 05:07:32 + – Welcome to the Course! 2 Lectures 06:04 Become a Certified Hadoop Developer Preview 02:30 Welcome to the Course 03:34 + – Introduction to Hadoop 5 Lectures 26:37 Big Data - Big value 05:46 Quiz 2-1 2 questions Understanding Big Data 05:16

End of lesson quiz.

Quiz 2-2 4 questions Hadoop and other Solutions 07:25 Quiz 2-3 4 questions Distributed Architecture - A Brief Overview 02:54 Quiz 2-4 1 question

Features between the releases

Hadoop Releases Preview 05:16 Quiz 2-5 2 questions + – Hadoop Setup 4 Lectures 51:51

Important Note!!!

This is a video tutorial for Hadoop Version 1.2.1. I would highly suggest to download hadoop 1.2.1 till I make the video for changes in Hadoop 2.x.x.

If you still want to explore hadoop 2.x.x, please follow my other course "Setting up Hadoop 2.X made Easy" on

Setup Hadoop Preview 28:57 Linux (Ubuntu) - Tips and Tricks 04:34 HDFS commands 10:32 Running a MapRed Program 07:48 + – HDFS Architecture and Concepts 5 Lectures 26:42 HDFS Concepts 04:35 Quiz 4-1 12 questions HDFS Architecture 06:35 Quiz 4-2 4 questions HDFS Read and Write 04:54 Quiz 4-3 4 questions HDFS Concepts II 04:04 Special Commands 06:34 + – Understanding MapReduce 7 Lectures 53:24 MapReduce Introduction 06:05 Quiz 5-1 4 questions Understanding MapReduce Part 1 05:12 Quiz 5-2 3 questions Understanding MapReduce Part 2 05:19 Quiz 5-3 1 question Running First MapReduce Program 10:31 Quiz 5-4 6 questions Combiner And Tool Runner 11:05 Quiz 5-5 5 questions Recap Map, Reduce and Combiner Part 1 07:27 Recap Map, Reduce and Combiner Part 2 07:45 + – MapReduce Types and Formats 4 Lectures 22:42 MapReduce Types and Formats 05:37 Quiz 6-1 3 questions Experiments with Defaults 07:11 Quiz 6-2 3 questions IO Format Classes 06:16 Quiz 6-3 2 questions Experiments with File Output - Advanced Concept 03:38 + – Classic MapReduce and YARN 8 Lectures 47:52 Anatomy of MapReduce job run 04:22 Quiz 7-1 4 questions Job Run- Classic MapReduce 07:54 Quiz 7-2 6 questions Failure Scenarios - Classic Map Reduce 03:45 Quiz 7-3 4 questions Job Run - YARN 09:45 Quiz 7-4 8 questions Failure Scenario - YARN 05:18 Quiz 7-5 4 questions Job Scheduling in MapReduce 05:06 Shuffle and Sort Preview 04:32 Quiz 7-7 4 questions Performance Tuning Features 07:10 Quiz 7-8 4 questions + – Advanced MapReduce Concepts
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