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Create your own website for your small business using WordPress! This course focuses on creating a simple website--from the ground up. Before we even get started designing the site, we'll go over the details of your business, content creation, and basic branding. After that, we'll set up hosting, a domain name, and install WordPress--then we'll get to designing, installing plugins, and getting everything up and running! Oh, and there's NO coding!

Note: This course is very NON-technical and focuses more on the "why" behind making a website than the "how" of the technical aspects. This way you create a website that is geared toward your dream client and that sells your products and services--not just a pretty website that does nothing for you. If you're looking for a technical course on how to create a website, this course is NOT for you. If you're looking for an easy-to-follow course on how to create a simple website that sells your products and services, sign up!

This course includes:

  • A resource list of websites, products, and services that I use and love
  • Worksheets to help keep your website and business on track and focused around your goal--selling products and services
  • Short videos that cover one topic at a time--so you can find exactly what you need and work at your own pace

This course is designed for:

  • Busy entrepreneurs and indie business owners who can't afford to hire out website design and development--or who just want to learn to do it themselves without investing a huge amount of time or money
  • Small business owners who already have a website, but find it's not selling their products or services as well as it could be
  • And it's mostly geared towards ladies, as there's a lot of pink, but men will find the content useful too!

Note: This course relies heavily on the Genesis Framework and the Gravity Forms plugin. These are premium WordPress themes and plugins. Other options are mentioned, but the videos and instructions will feature these premium options. While it's possible to get a lot out of this course without making these investments, I highly recommend them if you want to create a professional website. Links to these resources are included in the course material.

Who is the target audience?
  • Small business owners
  • Indie Business
  • Female entrepreneurs

  • Computer & Internet
  • WordPress
  • Genesis Framework
  • Prose theme (Genesis child theme)
  • GIMP or Photoshop
  • Gravity Forms WordPress plugin (semi-optional, strongly recommended)

What Will I Learn?
  • Create website content that SELLS your products and services
  • Choose a SINGULAR goal for your website
  • Create a WordPress website and design it to match your brand

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 54 Lectures 03:47:26 + – Introduction 4 Lectures 01:19 Course intro Preview 01:14 You will need Preview 1 page Resources Preview 2 pages Download ALL worksheets and PDFs 00:05 + – Pre-Planning 5 Lectures 16:20 Section 2 Intro Preview 00:42 Your Business Preview 04:55 Target Audience Preview 03:20 One Goal Website Preview 03:54 Content Planning 03:29 + – Content Creation 5 Lectures 12:02 Section 3 Intro 01:00 Home page 02:46 About Page 02:10 Service Page 04:06 Photos & Images 02:00 + – Design Planning 6 Lectures 33:12 Section 4 Intro 01:06 Create a moodboard 04:07 Choose a color palette 02:26 Bonus: Download and install a font 03:37 Create a simple header 13:36 Design Mockup 08:20 + – Hosting, Domains, and WordPress installation 6 Lectures 21:33 Section 5 Intro 00:29 Choose a domain name 05:20

In this video we’re going to learn how to set up our domain name, host, and install wordpress.

We’re going to use BlueHost because that’s what I use for most of my personal sites, as well as many of my client sites. They have great tech support and reasonable prices—and installing WordPress on BlueHost is easy!

Click here to go to BlueHost and get started!

Domain, Hosting, and WordPress installation 05:27 WordPress Settings 04:44 Bonus: WordPress User Profile 02:28 Install a theme 03:05 + – Plugins 4 Lectures 11:22 Section 6 Intro 00:20 Bonus: Jetpack 05:29 Plugin installation 05:33 Recommended plugins 2 pages + – Putting it all together 5 Lectures 25:41 Section 7 Intro 00:19 Inserting & Editing Content 13:24 Create a Menu 02:48 Widget Basics 06:07 Setting a Static Home Page 03:03 + – Theme Options 6 Lectures 27:15 Section 8 Intro 00:28 Genesis Settings 02:33 Prose Extras Settings 02:05 Prose Design Settings 11:57 Other theme recommendations 03:52

Responsive header plugin by Nick the Geek:

Additional documentation:

Bonus: Responsive Header 06:20 + – Gravity Forms 7 Lectures 43:25 Section 9 Intro 00:16 Contact Form 06:31 Bonus: Jetpack Contact Form 03:03 Sell Downloadable Products 12:42 Sell One-on-One Sessions 09:24 Add an opt-in 08:55

Here's the code to copy+paste:

.gform_wrapper .top_label input.medium {

width: 95%!important;


.gform_wrapper .top_label textarea.textarea {

width: 95%!important;


.widget-area ul li {

border-bottom: none;

padding: 0 0 5px 5px;


Bonus: Code fix 02:34 + – Finishing touches 4 Lectures 26:25 Section 10 Intro 00:31 Social Icons 04:35 Website tweaks 12:37 Super-basic SEO 08:42 1 More Section
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  • Language: English Gb


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