Business Blogging Workshop: Drive Leads With Your Blog



This business blogging course provides you with:

  • Context - 6 ways business blogging can help a business, non-profit or sole proprietor
  • How to choose a blog topic that your audience will rave about
  • Specifics on how to structure your blog posts for maximum effectiveness
  • How to develop a title that makes your post highly readable (and share-able in social media)
  • Which components of a blog post are most critical
  • Over 25 places to find stunning (free) stock photography for your blog and social media

What you get in this business blogging course:

  • Video training on "6 Powerful Ways Your Blog Drive New Business"
  • Video training - my popular "Blog Writing Workshop"
  • Video training - "5 Easy Ways to Create Content for your Blog"
  • Blog writing workshop slide set (PDF)
  • Tips on Free Headline Ideas and Keyword Research Tools
  • Get your post reviewed by the instructor
  • Business blogging checklist (PDF)

**Note: Last updated March 6, 2015**

Who is the target audience?
  • Business Owners
  • Coaches or Consultants
  • Public Speakers
  • Content Creators
  • Sole Proprieters

  • Access to a blog or ability to set up a free one (e.g. at
  • Interest in writing a blog post
  • Not much, let's get started!

What Will I Learn?
  • Provide business owners, non-profits, sole proprietors or start-ups with an understanding of how their blog helps their business
  • Learn several other ways to get great content for your blog
  • Learn how to create compelling posts that will help grow your online presence
  • Learn the 6 Ways Blogs help grow the online presence and increase leads for your business
  • Understand why Blogging, Social Media and SEO work so well together

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 14 Lectures 01:16:30 + – Context and Blog Strategy 1 Lecture 06:25

Learn 6 Ways Blogs help your business generate more leads, visibility and sales, including:

- Why blogs are more important than the other pages on your website

- Why blogs are powerful for SEO

- Why blogs are essential for getting visibility in Social Media

6 Powerful Ways Your Blog Helps Your Businesss Preview 06:25 + – The Blog Writing Workshop 11 Lectures 34:44

Understand what your customers care about so you can target your blog posts to the topics that more directly address their pain points. Learn how to think like your target customer. What they worry about and how to come up with blog topics.

To see the post I describe in this workshop, click here:

Know What Customers Worry About Preview 05:23
  • How to select the topic for your blog post
  • Pick a working headline (this can change later)
Pick Your Topic and Working Headline 04:50

Some tools to help you come up with blog topics, including a headline generator and 3 free keyword tools.

Blog Headline Generator & Keyword Tools 00:51 Blog post ideas resources 00:08

Headlines are key to attracting your target audience and maximizing shares. Submit your headline ideas for a new blog post for feedback!

Get Feedback on Your Headline! 00:29

Brainstorm the "list" that you'll use for your blog post. In this workshop our list is myths or mistakes that our potential clients make. But you can make any type of list for your post as you follow along.

Brainstorm Your List 07:48 Once we have our list - the meat of the post - then we can write our opening paragraph. Write Your Post Opening 03:22
  • Don't limp into the finish line - finish with a strong close
  • Include one main call-to-action
  • If you want to see the post I describe, click below. Notice that the call to action has changed. Can you find it?
  • 6 Small Business Blogging Myths Debunked 
Closing, Call-To-Action and Post Picture 07:30 29 Awesome Free Stock Photo Resources 02:37 This wraps up the workshop. Don't forget to download the slides attached here as well. If you want to see examples of some of my best list posts, click the links below:

On Right Mix Marketing:

  • 9 Secrets to Pat Flynn’s Success with Smart Passive Income (gleaned from his New Media Expo presentation) #NMX  
  • Why Pinterest is Addictive – A Contrarian View
  • 3 Non-Intuitive Social Media Truths cial-media/3-social-media-truths/


  • 14 Ways to Build Strategic Relationships With the Who’s Who of Social Media 


  • Charles Darwin’s 12 Rules of Blogging Survival
  • 12 Blogging Lessons I Learned From Maxim Magazine

Social Media Today:

  • 9 Ways To Get More Pinterest Love For Your Blog Posts


  • 10 Social Media Lessons Learned from Ford – Scott Monty New Media Expo Keynote

Wrap-Up 01:31

If you've gone through the lessons, post the link to one of the blog posts that you think is good and I'll provide feedback. Only one post per person is allowed.

Submit one blog post for feedback! (optional) 00:13 + – Easy Ways To Create Content For Your Blog 2 Lectures 32:47 In this lecture, I go through 5 ways that you can add content to your blog fairly easily. This way you can produce more content and keep up a regular blogging schedule. This is part 1. 5 Easy Ways to Add Content To Your Blog Part 1 14:23 Part 2 of the 5 Easy Ways lecture. 5 Easy Ways to Add Content To Your Blog Part 2 18:24 Blog Writing Workshop Quiz! 10 questions
  • Free schedule
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  • Free:
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  • Email-course:
  • Language: English Gb


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