CFP - Introduction to Financial Planning



The Introduction to Financial Planning is the first module in CFP and forms the basis for any learning related to Finance or Financial Planning. This Course, promoted by ApnaCourse, covers 5 key sections across Financial Management, Financial Mathematics, Regulatory Environment, Code of Ethics etc. Students interested in Finance or professionals intended to pursue a career in Finance related domain or Financial Planning are recommended to go through this Course. The duration of the Course is ~14 hours of video lectures.

Who is the target audience?
  • Financial Planners
  • Finance Majors
  • Students interested in Finance Courses
  • Professionals in Finance domain

  • No Prerequisite knowledge required. Concepts have been explained from the basics

What Will I Learn?
  • Financial Planning Basics
  • Financial Jargons
  • Solve Simple Financial Numericals

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 38 Lectures 12:00:05 + – Introduction to Financial Planning 5 Lectures 01:05:06 Basics of Financial Planning Preview 12:37 Need for Financial Planning 08:28 Scope and Benefits of Financial Planning 07:27 Financial Planning Process 25:23 Assessment of Risk and Client Behaviour 11:11 + – Financial Management 6 Lectures 03:22:04 Financial Markets 38:35 Debt Management 20:40 Cash Flow Planning and Budgeting 23:37 Forms of Business Ownership 27:54 Behavioral Finance 48:37 Economic Indicators 42:41 + – Financial Mathematics 22 Lectures 06:39:27 Time Value of Money (TVM) 12:20 Simple Interest 10:38 Compound Interest 06:28 Future Value of Single Cash Flow 05:12 Present Value of Single Cash Flow 15:28 Nominal and Effective Rate of Return 16:20 Real Rate of Return 07:07 Compounded Annualized Growth Rate (CAGR) 14:00 Internal Rate of Return 23:56 Concept of Doubling Money 05:02 Single Cash Flows 01:04:36 Regular Cash Flows - Part 1 49:40 Regular Cash Flows - Part 2 03:53 Irregular Cash Flows 38:56 Mortgage 03:33 Amortization 52:51 Home Equity 12:09 Re-Financing of Loans 06:43 Personal Financial Statement 22:54 Liquidity Ratios 07:28 Other Financial Ratios 09:04 Investment Assets to Net Worth Ratios 11:09 + – Code of Ethics 1 Lecture 24:51 The 8 Code of Ethics 24:51 + – Regulatory Environment 4 Lectures 28:37 Contracts 07:36 Torts 10:37 Agency Law 04:27 Consumer Protection 05:57
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