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Learn Android App Development from Scratch includes DDMS, Android UI Design, JSON, GPS and Geo-Location Programming

What is this course about?
Android Application Development is the process of creating applications for the Android operating system. Android App Development for Beginners is comprehensive app development course that will enable you to create full-featured Android apps.

The course guides you through step by step procedures of how to create an Android app. It starts by guiding you through downloading ADT bundle (which includes Android SDK, Eclipse, and AVD Manager), a free tool that enables you to build Android apps through a graphical user interface (GUI).

What are the career benefits in-store for you?

  • You will be entitled as Android developer.
  • You will be able to develop and publish your own android applications.
  • Research conducted on the success of certified professionals shows that they earn approximately $2,000 to $4,000 USD more than their non-certified peers per annum. They experience growth in their careers due to the challenges they can successfully handle and regulate.
  • Organizations like Google, Accenture, IBM, Wipro, Oracle finance actively seek Android developers.

Why Simplilearn?

  • Simplilearn is the World’s Largest Certification Training Provider, with over 200,000 professionals trained globally
  • Trusted by the Fortune 500 companies as their learning provider for career growth and training
  • 2000+ certified and experienced trainers conduct trainings for various courses across the globe
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  • What are the requirements?
    • There are no specific pre-requisites
    • All the materials required have been included in this course
  • What am I going to get from this course?
    • Over 81 lectures and 10.5 hours of content!
    • Understand the key concepts in Android
    • Understand Architecture and life cycle of Android
    • Design UIs and custom UIs and handle events
    • Design menus and custom menus and handle the events
    • Learn to save data in different ways
    • Learn to use JSON
    • Fetch geolocation as and when needed
    • Understand the process of publishing your own application on Google Play Store
  • What is the target audience?
    • The course can be taken by anyone who knows the basic of Java and is interested in becoming an Android Application Developer.
    • Developers
    • Project Managers
    • Engineering students

SECTION 1: Introduction to Android
  • Introduction to Android
  • Introduction to Android
  • E-book - Introduction to Android App Development
  • SECTION 2: Hello World Application
  • Hello World Demo
  • Hello World Application
  • E-book - Hello World Application
  • SECTION 3: Android UI Design and Event Handling
  • Objectives
  • TextView Demo
  • Global Strings
  • EditText
  • CheckBox Demo
  • RadioButton Demo
  • Spinner Demo
  • Button Demo
  • Image Demo
  • ImageButton Demo
  • ToggleButton Demo
  • Creating Links Demo
  • ListView Demo
  • Layout Demo
  • Web Demo
  • DatePicker Demo
  • TimePicker Demo
  • Summary
  • Android UI Design and Event Handling
  • E-book - Android UI Design & Event Handling
  • SECTION 4: Menus
  • Objectives
  • OptionsMenu Demo
  • ContextMenu Demo
  • SubMenu Demo
  • Summary
  • Menus
  • E-book - Menus
  • SECTION 5: Intent
  • Objectives
  • Intent Demo
  • Summary
  • Intents
  • E-book - Intents
  • SECTION 6: Service
  • Objectives
  • Service Demo
  • Summary
  • Service
  • E-book - Service
  • SECTION 7: Alerts and Dialogs
  • Objectives
  • Toast Demo
  • AlertDialog Demo
  • CustomDialog Demo
  • Notification Demo
  • Summary
  • Alerts & Dialogs
  • E-book - Alerts & Dialogs
  • SECTION 8: Lesson 08 - Multi Media Programming
  • Objectives
  • Playing an Audio Demo
  • Playing a Video Demo
  • Summary
  • Multimedia Programming
  • E-book - Multimedia Programming
  • SECTION 9: Database Programming in Android
  • Objectives
  • StorageInternal Demo
  • StorageExternal Demo
  • DatabaseSQLite Demo
  • Summary
  • Data base programming in Android
  • E-book - Database Programming in Android
  • SECTION 10: Hardware Programming in Android
  • Camera Demo
  • Objectives
  • Vibrator Demo
  • GPS and Geolocation Programming Demo
  • IMEI Demo
  • Summary
  • Hardware programming in Android
  • E-book - Hardware programming in Android
  • SECTION 11: Custom Designs
  • CustomButton and Other Controls Demo
  • Objectives
  • CustomMenu Demo
  • Summary
  • CustomDesign
  • E-book - CustomDesign
  • SECTION 12: Graphics and Animation
  • Creating Graphics Demo
  • Objectives
  • Canvas Demo
  • Summary
  • Graphics and Animation
  • E-book - Graphics and Animation
  • SECTION 13: Web Service
  • Objectives
  • JSON Demo
  • AsyncTask Demo
  • Summary
  • Web Service
  • E-book - Web Service
  • SECTION 14: Deploying and Publishing an Android Application
  • Objectives
  • PublishApp Demo
  • Summary
  • Deploying and Publishing an Android Application
  • E-book - Deploying and Publishing an Android Application
  • SECTION 15: Android App Development Full Length Simulation Test Papers
  • Full Length Simulation Test Paper - 1
  • Full Length Simulation Test Paper - 2
  • Full Length Simulation Test Paper - 3
  • Full Length Simulation Test Paper - 4
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    • Language: English Gb


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