Learn Amazing Photography Tips with Any Camera



Do you dream of impressing your friends with your photography?

Finally the world's easiest way to take stunning photographs even if you've never picked up a camera before.


Get the secrets from me, an award-winning photographer in the heart of Silicon Valley for 29 years, working with Apple, Google, Stanford, Intel, Yahoo, CEO's, authors and the Dalai Lama.

Here is what you'll get:

1. Learn how to use any camera you own, doesn't have to be a fancy pants camera either. Finally learn how to see and work with light, and shoot from the best angle.

2. How to create compelling compositions with a few tweaks to what you may all ready be doing.

3. Learn how to love people with your camera to capture their unique essence. Discover pitch perfect timing when you're shooting people, in the first video here.

How to have fun while shooting so you stay relaxed and happy. This is the most important tip while photographing people.

4. See with fresh eyes in your own backyard and while traveling.

There's no theory here.

This is hard-won advice after 29 years on the front lines of professional photography. You'll benefit from the expertise that clients paid me $500 an hour for.

Why take this course?

You won't have to go through the pain I had to when I first started shooting professionally.

No one told me the secrets you're getting here.

1549 students from 32 countries both online and offline have seen their photography improve with these simple techniques.

Here's what they have said,

"It made me see in a new way."

- Reena Sakaria, USA

I learned so much today, thank you it was so much fun!"

- Virginie, Paris, France

I know how to use my new camera now."

- Emma, Sweden

"Angle, timing, composition and lighting, I learned it all today. I feel renewed to see the world differently."

- Jacky Li, Canada

"I am so excited to experiment after what I learned today!"

- Maggie Culver, United Kingdom

See what students are saying who I've taught in my private photo safari sessions. There are 12 video testimonies on my youtube channel, just search Mary Bartnikowski on youtube and click on my Photography Reviews.

You'll learn that a photographer is a painter in a hurry and that it's all about your vision not the number of your pixels.

And not how much money you spent on the camera you're using.

You can use your point and shoot or phone to take this course.

Don't buy a fancy camera just to learn this practical advice. Its easier to start with what you have and grow from there.

You'll get my free ebook on Secrets of Stunning Photography, my life's work in 38 pages.

This book alone is worth the price of the course.

You'll be inspired with simple to follow tips and real life examples of how to capture people, elephants, hummingbirds, and night shots.

You'll learn how to critique your shooting sessions so you'll come away with much better photographs, and a big dose of enthusiasm for photography and kickstarting your vision.

The low price of $47 is far less than my private sessions for $300.

You'll benefit from my 9 years of world travels and humanitarian work, steeped in exotic cultures in 32 countries, shooting, writing, and teaching.

I've led programs at Apple Computer, Stanford University, Intel, University of Hawaii and worldwide.

Go to my web site if you want one on one guidance.

Happy to help you get stunning photographs right now!

All you need to get started is a camera (point and shoot, phone, or DSLR) and you'll be getting much better photographs today.

You can complete the 20 lectures in 90 minutes but it's best to take a few days to practice the solid gold advice in each 3 to 5 minute video.

Recently updated.

I guarantee this course will improve your photographs by following the guidance and tips here.

More Free Photo Advice: join me in my links section for more help.

Find me inside this course for live advice.

Full guarantee on this course or your money back.

Enroll now and start getting amazing photographs today.

Who is the target audience?
  • You have a camera you don't understand
  • You love photography and want to learn new skills fast to get better photos
  • This course is probably not for you if you want a highly technical and complex course. This one converts difficult concepts into easy to follow advice on getting the best pictures
  • You Want to Get Incredible Shots of Your Next Trip

  • Point and shoot, phone, or DSLR
  • Beneficial to have a computer with an easy photo program like iPhoto

What Will I Learn?
  • Learn how to use your camera
  • How to relax people so you get candid and natural photos of them
  • Improve the quality of your images by understanding how to shoot in natural light
  • Get a Better Photograph by learning how to work with light, composition, angle, and timing

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 20 Lectures 01:07:16 + – Suddenly You'll Get Amazing Photographs of People 2 Lectures 08:35

Advice on engaging your subjects so they will feel at ease. You'll learn how to relax people while you are shooting them. And a killer tip on how to photograph people in different cultures with eye contact alone.

How to Get Incredible People Photographs Preview 04:28

You'll get the secret of my success in getting candid photos of people, even if you don't know their language.

How to Love People With Your Camera Preview 04:07 + – Learn How to Use Your Camera 4 Lectures 14:33

Greatly improve your photos by learning how to use the aperture setting on your camera. Easy to understand and you'll get amazing results with light in this simple tip.

Learn Manual Mode and Get Better Results 06:45

Finally learn how to use shutter speed while shooting. You'll stop getting blurry photos!

Understanding Shutter Speed in Simple Language 03:11

At last! White balance de-mystified. You don't have to struggle with geek-speak in the manual.

Learn How White Balance Helps You 01:49

ISO is a fancy of way saying sensitivity to light. High ISO numbers above 400 are for night shots, dark interiors, and huge concert halls. Anytime there is not enough light you can use ISO to help you.

Learn How to Use ISO 02:48 + – Finally Revealed, Easiest Way to See Light, Composition, and Angle 4 Lectures 13:58

When you shoot with the right angle, best composition, great light and perfect timing, Photoshop is unnecessary. Yes, shooting professionally years before Photoshop was invented taught me this valuable lesson.

Don't rely on it to improve your shots. Inspire yourself by shooting in the best light and by practicing with new angles and composition. It doesn't matter how many shots you take with a digital camera.

Keep shooting with these tips in mind and you'll learn more quickly by studying your shots and experimenting. Go wild!

Revealed, Light, Composition, and Angle 04:55

A Photographer is a Painter in a Hurry

You are painting with light. Your viewfinder is your canvas. What will you include in your composition and what will you leave out? See the layers in your composition like textures in a weaving. Envision that you are seeing a 3D movie in front of you. Choose the main focus of your photograph and compose around it.

Advice on Composition 02:04

You will see light in a new way when you practice this daily. It's a visual activity with a meditative approach.

Activity, Learn to See in a New Way 03:39

Yes this is the one tip you must do to get amazing composition. This took me years to figure out, extremely important.

Secret to Stunning Composition 03:20 + – How to Shoot Babies, Rhinos, and the Dalai Lama 3 Lectures 12:54

You mirror the butterfly or hummingbird and anticipate where they will go next. Yes this takes practice but it pays off. Get very still and be absolutely in the now moment. Do not fiddle with your camera, have it all set, and be ready to leap into action to get astonishing shots of that sea turtle, or baby elephant.

If you have a DSLR learn how to manually focus. This will come in handy when you have to rapidly change your focus.

How to Shoot a Rhinoceros and Other Animals 04:02

Photographing the Dalai Lama while being crushed by Tibetans and badass bodyguards with rifles is like taking pictures at a wedding. But without the guns. Event photography is challenging but with these tips you can capture incredible photographs by being prepared and flexible.

How to Photograph the Dalai Lama Preview 05:26

You gotta love kids to capture their spirits. Tricks and tips on how to be goofy and get those precious shots.

Secrets of Capturing Children 03:26 + – Down and Dirty Editing and Printing 3 Lectures 08:07

Sit your butt down and devour your photos now, after your shoot. This secret will improve your picture taking because you will find your best shots and be inspired by analyzing your work and seeing exactly what you shot.

You'll learn what not to do in the less than spectacular shots by studying the ones that didn't work.

Don't leave this incredible tip out of your repertoire. As you look at the photos ask yourself is the light wonderful, did the angle work, is the composition seducing you? This step is crucial to locating your gems and learning from your half good shots. Just do it!

Don't Wait Edit Now 03:02

Delete your less than amazing shots to enhance the beauty of your gems. Be brutal. After you download the shots into your computer and study each one, ask yourself if this photograph makes you feel something? You'll know if it does.

If you are in doubt keep it and look at it later. Don't delete your photos until you see the files on your computer screen rather than on your Camera's LED screen. Delete out of focus, poorly composed and badly lit shots. Photoshop does not save everything from oblivion. And you have to be an expert at Photoshop to overhaul a photo file like the pros do.

Delete the Duds 02:30

Suddenly you'll have authentic photographs printed in real time! Don't let your files stay imprisoned in your computer. Pick out your favorite shots and print them. 4 x 6 (inches) photos are cheap and give you a proof to look at before you go bigger or you can make cards out of 4 x 6's for your friends and family.

Printing, the Final Frontier 02:35 + – Advice on Cameras and Wrap-up 2 Lectures 03:39

Don't run out and buy new equipment before you learn your shooting style.

The key is, wait until your camera can't perform the way you want it to. Then it's time to buy a new camera or lens.

Don't Go Crazy Buying Cameras Preview 02:42

You can get free advice on photography at my site. Do you want to dive in and get one-on-one guidance with me? You can schedule one session or a series and quickly learn exactly what you want to know. You can learn what direction to take with your photography, get my advice on your work or tap my brain with your own questions. Stay in touch with my latest news on FB.

It's a Wrap! 00:57 + – New Update on Cameras and Shooting 1 Lecture 03:30

Discover when to splash out on a new camera. And an easy way to kickstart your creative juices for shooting.

When to Buy a New Camera + Kickstarting Your Photography Practice: Easy and Fun Preview 03:30 + – Bonus Advice 1 Lecture 00:00 Bonus Advice Preview 2 pages
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