The Complete Beginner's Guide to Maya for Games



In this Complete Beginner's course, we cover the absolute basics of getting you started using Maya with a focus on games, starting from the absolute first time opening the software - all the way through modeling, unwrapping, and texturing your first game asset! We'll start off with some basic introductions to the UI and software, and dive right in to many of the common tools you'll need for game asset modeling.

"Learn by doing" as we take you through the complete process of modeling our military style radio prop, unwrap the asset, and cover basic texturing techniques for the asset. If you've ever wanted to learn the important features of Maya for Games, but weren't sure where to go, this course has you covered!


About the Instructor:

Justin Harrison is a Character and Technical Animator with more than 7 years experience in the game development industry. Currently, he is working for Molten Games in Del Mar, CA on an unannounced title. Previously he has worked for for both Activision and Sony on titles such as The Bourne Conspiracy, Ghostbusters: The Game, as well as Transformers: War for Cybertron to name a few. Justin holds a BFA in Digital Art and Animation from the College for Creative Studies, and has a generalist skill set that ranges from artistic modeling and asset creation, to motion capture and keyframe animation, to technical rigging and character setup.

Who is the target audience?
  • Absolute beginners to Maya who have never opened the software
  • Anyone interested in using Maya to create game assets

  • Autodesk Maya - Download your free trial copy here -

What Will I Learn?
  • Learn the basics of Maya from the ground up
  • Learn the basics of using Maya for making game assets

Curriculum For This Course Expand All Collapse All 39 Lectures 07:53:12 + – Introduction to the UI and primitives 8 Lectures 01:16:27

Source files for Section 1

Introduction Preview 00:50 Interface 1 Preview 11:15 Interface 2 08:06 Interface 3 11:18 UI Customization 1 10:29 UI Customization 2 07:49 Primitives - Asset Creation 1 10:57 Primitives - Asset Creation 2 15:43 + – Introduction to Mesh Tools 7 Lectures 01:24:32

Source files for Section 2

Introduction Preview 00:44 Component Mode 15:55 Vertex Tools 09:51 Edge Tools 13:32 Face Tools 16:33 Mesh Tools 1 15:49 Mesh Tools 2 and Outro 12:08 + – Prop Modeling Basics 6 Lectures 01:13:46

Source files for Section 3

Introduction Preview 00:38 Setup the project and start modeling! 14:25 Modeling 2 Preview 09:09 Modeling 3 17:59 Modeling 4 14:13 Modeling 5 and Outro 17:22 + – Building our first game asset - Modeling 8 Lectures 01:48:45

Source files for Section 4

Introduction Preview 00:39 Scene Setup and Model 15:53 Modeling 2 16:33 Modeling 3 15:09 Modeling 4 19:34 Modeling 5 16:07 Modeling 6 11:48 Modeling 7 and Outro 13:02 + – Building our first game asset - UV Unwrapping, Texturing, and Presentation 10 Lectures 02:09:45

Source files for Section 5

Introduction Preview 00:48 UV Unwrapping 1 13:15 UV Unwrapping 2 18:02 UV Unwrapping 3 16:31 UV Unwrapping 4 18:05 UV Unwrapping 5 17:46 UV Placement 14:17 AO and Texturing 15:58 AO and Texturing 2 14:42 Bonus Lecture: Further Learning with 3dmotive 00:21
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