Mission Driven: Developing a Values Based Food Brand

Sangita Forth, The Food Business School

The Course

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Brief Description

In today's crowded food marketplace, authenticity is everything. In a few scant years, values-based brands have moved from the fringe to the limelight—on restaurant menus, on consumers' dinner tables, and on grocery store shelves.

Mission-Driven: Developing a Values-Based Food Brand will guide you to develop an authentic brand strategy, built on your company's unique core values, ready to compete in today's highly competitive marketplace. Whether you're developing a new food brand or seeking to refine your existing positioning, this course equips you with the toolset to align a myriad of creative and strategic choices with your mission in a way that builds authentic emotional connection with all your stakeholders. Once you've developed a brand blueprint, grounded in authentic values and accurate trend-spotting, you'll learn the practical marketing techniques—from promotion to packaging—that you can use to drive product preference and move consumers from buying to buy-in.

Who It's For

Food industry entrepreneurs, company founders, product marketers, brand strategists, and small business owners who seek to grow their food company, roll out new products, and connect with consumers in real, authentic, meaningful ways, while remaining true to their values.

More Information

The Instructor

Sangita Forth

Chief Marketing Officer, Pique Tea

The Food Business School

(FBS) is the executive and graduate education center of The Culinary Institute of America—and the world's first business school dedicated to food entrepreneurship and innovation. Established to meet the growing interest and need for broad food-system transformation, FBS is built for future leaders ready to tackle the planet's most pressing food challenges—and its greatest business opportunities.

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