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How do you systematically develop innovative products and experiences that will make your customers happier and healthier? What challenges do you face in leading interdisciplinary teams in pursuit of your vision? How do you account for the complex characteristics of food systems in your innovation process? Transforming the food system requires more than just passion and intent. You need to move quickly from idea to plan to action--with rigor, empathy, and effectiveness. By embracing a process that calls on collaboration, negotiation, and inquiry with diverse stakeholders, you will learn to act deliberately, with clarity--and learn to listen, empathetically. These complementary skill sets are the hallmarks of design thinking, and this course is vital in strengthening your visioning, planning, and execution capabilities, as you seek to create a positive impact at the intersection of food and health.

This dynamic, interactive course is adapted from one of the most popular courses at UC Berkeley, created and led by Dr. Sandhu. Dr. Sandhu is founding partner at the Gobee Group and is a lecturer at the UC Berkeley, where he teaches graduate-level, interdisciplinary courses on the innovation process. His writings have been featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, MIT Innovations, and Fast Company's Co.Exist. He received his Ph.D. in design from UC Berkeley, and his master's and bachelor's degrees in engineering from MIT.

Who It's For

Food industry leaders and innovators, product and brand strategists, or other growth leaders who want to effectively apply design thinking to create a business strategy, product, or service solution that addresses the challenges in today's complex and transforming food systems.

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The Instructor

Jaspal Sandhu

The Food Business School

(FBS) is the executive and graduate education center of The Culinary Institute of America—and the world's first business school dedicated to food entrepreneurship and innovation. Established to meet the growing interest and need for broad food-system transformation, FBS is built for future leaders ready to tackle the planet's most pressing food challenges—and its greatest business opportunities.

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