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Clint Korver, Kauffman Fellows Academy

The Course

This is an advanced entrepreneurship class, designed for teams who have already started a company or are seriously thinking about starting a company. We encourage teams to take this class together as much of the work will be focused on working with your board to make real progress on the most important issues in your startup. For each startup team, we will create a board comprised of your peers based on your needs, their skills, and everyone’s engagement. In addition, one of the early assignments will be for each team to find one or two domain experts to serve on their board for the duration of the class. One of the requirements in this class is to serve on another team’s board. As we go, we will refine board membership based on peer reviews and demonstrated effort. We will optimize this class for entrepreneurs willing to invest the time and energy to help themselves and others.

After the completion of this course, students will:

1. understand the crucial role boards play in launching successful startups

2. be able to identify and recruit effective board members

3. be able to manage a board meeting, eliciting useful guidance and making important decisions, and

4. will have made meaningful progress building your startup. This class will be interactive and team based. We will use videos and readings to convey board best practices. However, most of the learning in this class will take place from applying these best practices to your board with the goal of making meaningful progress on your startup.

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The Instructor

Clint Korver

COO of NovoEd

Kauffman Fellows Academy

Kauffman Fellows Academy is the online training partner of the Kauffman Fellows Program, the world's premiere venture capital training organization. Our mission is to be a catalyst for innovation worldwide through affordable, online access to the best in class education in venture capital and capital formation. Our faculty includes leading venture capital investors, experts from academia and government, experienced entrepreneurs, and other thought leaders in entrepreneurship and innovation.

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