Authentic Leadership Presence

Doy Charnsupharindr, Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute

The Course

Welcome to Authentic Leadership Presence!

Leadership Presence is the skillset that enables a person to motivate, inspire, and connect to the thoughts and feelings of others.

It is not only for leaders, but for EVERYONE. In our interactions with people at work and at home, we take on different roles in different situations. When you are able to show up in those situations as your authentic self, communicate in a way that engages and connects with others, and align your intentions with others' perceptions, then you know you are bringing forth your Authentic Leadership Presence.

"Not only did I learn to be a better speaker, I also became a better listener and a better friend." - Shuo Zhang

Guiding Questions

  • How do I make an impact when I speak or give a presentation to others?
  • What do I want others to see and feel when I interact with them?
  • When I'm communicating with others, what are the skills I need to align my intentions with the perceptions that others have?
  • Am I bringing my authentic self into my daily interactions with people at work and at home?
  • What has made me the person I am today? What have I learned from my past experiences?
  • What are the best practices of authentic leaders?
  • How do I demonstrate leadership presence regardless of what role I play in a given situation?

This course, led by instructors and coaches from the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute, takes you on a journey to develop your own Authentic Leadership Presence through instructor-led learning, live streamed lectures and videos, readings to provide inspirations and examples, self-reflection, on-the-job learning activities and shared feedback. Designed as an experiential journey, we encourage you to take this course with your colleagues and friends so you can learn more about each other along the way.

"It was fun and productive. I saw sides of my colleagues we typically don't get to see." - previous participant

What You'll Learn:

  • Enhance leadership presence through learning how to motivate, inspire and connect to the thoughts and feelings of others.
  • Improve communication skills used in various communication situations and channels, including aspects of verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Learn techniques to speak or present with impact, including storytelling and communicating in a "deep and brief" way.
  • Develop leadership skills through practicing authentic communication in different situations.
  • Understand the different roles of a leader and how you can bring leadership presence into the different situations, regardless of what role you play.
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More Information

The Instructor

Doy Charnsupharindr

CEO, Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute

Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute

Inspired by our common humanity, the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute's mission is to enable all people to develop their authentic selves, live their values and make a positive impact in their organizations and the world. Founded by Dr. Mark Rittenberg in 1995, the organization's coaches have transformed leaders and organizations from California to the Middle East to Africa to Europe to Asia using its experiential, proprietary approach to leadership development rooted in the dramatic arts and proven in the corporate world.

Berkeley ECI has helped Fortune 500 companies, leading business schools, government agencies and social-action groups around the world make a positive impact on their organizations and their own lives. Its coaches utilize the Active Communicating® methodology, an approach to leadership development that is rooted in the model of theater as heightened communication, translating into a quality of presence that is powerful in its ability to communicate consistent values of respect, trust, credibility, and integrity. In addition to the theater arts, the Active Communicating methodology also draws from the disciplines of the martial arts and from cross-cultural anthropology.

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