Un viaje por Hispanoamérica: Español inicial

Diana Alejandra Hincapié Moreno, María Liliana Labrador Morales, Diana Rocío Umaña Buitrago, URosarioX

Learn basic expressions in Spanish and communicative tools to get ready to travel to any Spanish-speaking country, while you get to know relevant aspects of the Spanish American culture.

Today more tan 580 million people speak Spanish in the five continents and it is the third language used to communicate in the web and social networks.

This course helps you learn basic expressions and communicative tools so that you can travel to diverse Spanish-speaking destinations, and make the most of your stay while you go more deeply in the cultures.

You will know about Spanish American places and traditions that will make you wish to travel. You will know how to introduce yourself, do shopping, ask for places, follow directions, taste street dishes, or enjoy some meal at a restaurant.

This course is designed by teachers from the Program of Spanish for Foreigners (PEPE) of Universidad del Rosario, who have taught Spanish in Colombia and other countries taking culture as the means to teach the language.

What will you learn

  • Develop skills to act in basic communicative situations during a trip in a Spanish-speaking country.
  • Ask for and give personal linformation in different travelling procedures or situations.
  • Use expressions to buy products and services.
  • Order food in diverse spaces and situations.
  • Ask and understand information about places and how to get to them.
  • Know essential aspects of Spanish American cultures

  • 17 July 2020
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