Sustainable Energy Capstone Assessment

Peta Ashworth, UQx

Apply the knowledge and skills you acquired in the Sustainable Energy MicroMasters program through in-depth assessment.

The Capstone Assessment is the last step to complete the Sustainable Energy MicroMasters® credential, designed to test knowledge and skills gained in:

ENGY0x Energy Principles and Renewable Energy
ENGY1x Climate Science and Policy
ENGY2x Energy and Development
ENGY3x Low Emission Technologies and Supply Systems.
Learners who successfully gain a Verified Certificate in all four courses (ENGY0x, ENGY1x, ENGY2x and ENGY3x), and achieve at least 70% overall in the Capstone Assessment, will be awarded the Sustainable Energy MicroMasters® credential.

Successful completion of the Capstone Assessment is one of the eligibility criteria for admission to the on-campus Master of Sustainable Energy at The University of Queensland.

The Capstone Assessment involves two (2) graded assessment tasks and a further task to demonstrate ownership and originality of your work.
  1. A 30 question, multiple choice, proctored examination worth 30%.  Questions will be drawn from all four courses (ENGY0x, ENGY1x, ENGY2x and ENGY3x).  Participants will be able to complete the assessment tasks at any point while the Capstone Assessment is open. Once the examination has commenced, learners will have 90 minutes to complete the examination.
  2. Completion of a 3,000 word extended written work worth 70% (submitted to Turnitin, a text-matching software to promote academic integrity). To answer the question you will be expected to apply the knowledge and skills you have acquired from the four courses.
  3. During an online interview using Zoom, you will be asked questions on your extended written work and from the four courses. While the online interview is not assessable, the interview is a mandatory requirement to pass the Capstone Assessment. The online interview is used to substantiate authorship and understanding of your extended written work, and your knowledge of the content of the four courses.
  1. Do not enrol in the Capstone Assessment unless you are eligible to do so. Before you enrol you must have earned a Verified Certificate in all four courses (ENGY0x, ENGY1x, ENGY2x, ENGY3x). Ineligible learners will be automatically withdrawn from the Capstone Assessment.
  2. To satisfactorily complete the Capstone Assessment, you must demonstrate high-level English language skills equivalent to the level required by on-campus students at The University of Queensland. For more information, see The University of Queensland’s  policy and procedures on English Language Proficiency Admission and Concurrent Support.
  3. All work must be original. You cannot submit work researched, planned, written or spoken by another person or persons. Plagiarism and cheating will result in expulsion from the program and repeal of certificate/s and credentials. Students must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the standards of behaviour set out in The University of Queensland’s student charter.  These standards of behaviour are intended to promote the highest standards of honesty and academic integrity. 

What will you learn

The Capstone Assessment will allow you to demonstrate the knowledge and skills that you have acquired during the Sustainable Energy MicroMasters® program.

  • 28 August 2019
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